Homegrown vegan food brand

Plant essence is providing culinary excellence and a diversity of flavors, all plant-based and cruelty-free. Using high-quality ingredients and sourcing locally whenever possible, our team of highly skilled chefs curates healthy, diverse, delicious meals to heal and nourish your body, senses and soul.

Our Vision

The idea is a brain child of its founder Tanya Mansotra. She is on a mission to make an impact in people's lives by offering them a healthy yet delicious substitute for their daily nutrition.

Tanya, being a vegan herself, found it very difficult to order food everyday due to the limited quality options available in the market. Hence the thought of a dedicated vegan kitchen which can provide multi cuisine quality vegan diet.

Our Mission

Our vegan food uses the freshest of ingredients with emphasis on the correct balance between taste and nutrition. 

Having a degree in Nutrition, Tanya understands the core relation of healthy food with a healthy body and mind.

going vegan is the best thing we can do for the planet

A vegan diet reduces energy consumption

Veganism makes people healthy 

Veganism conserves water

Veganism is the solution to climate change

Veganism protects the rainforest and lands

Veganism reduces greenhouse gas emissions

Preserving habitats and preventing species extinction

Removing nitrous oxide

Veganism combats world hunger